Bodycam Footage Shows Officer Using The N Word

Body camera footage of a Cincinnati police officer using a racial slur was released by the department Monday afternoon.

The September incident involved Officer Donte Hill. It came to Chief Eliot Isaac’s attention after he suspended Officer Dennis Barnette – who is white – for using what Isaac called “the ‘N’ word” during an arrest outside the Brownstone Cafe in Cincinnati’s Roselawn neighborhood.

Hill, a black officer who has been suspended by Isaac, is heard in the video saying, “That God damn alcohol got you n****** out here acting stupid,” after a physical confrontation followed police response to a dispute.

“Again this type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated inside the department,” Isaac wrote in an earlier email to the mayor and city council members.

Hill can be heard talking to one man in custody after using the N-word, “All you had to do was walk off. Now you’re going to jail.”

Fraternal Order of Police President Dan Hils said officers routinely hear the slur used on the street.

“Although we hear it often… there is no place for it in a professional capacity,” Hils said.

Hill received a written reprimand at the time of the incident, which the chief signed off on. However, Isaac said on Dec. 27 he wasn’t given all the facts at the time of his initial decision.

After reviewing the bodycam footage, Isaac said, “I agreed and determined the … violation was not appropriate.”


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