Bodycam Released After Officer Shoots Pitt Bull

Ogden Police have released body camera footage from an incident where an officer shot a dog earlier this month.

A redacted shared by the department shows an officer walking up to the home and a dog on a leash approaching.

The officer asks “is the dog nice?”, and within seconds the animal starts barking and lunges at the officer, who retreats and fires one round from his weapon.

According to a Facebook post from the Ogden Police Department, Officer Grimes was at the home assisting the Division of Child and Family Services with a check regarding reportedly unsafe conditions for children at the residence.

Police say that after Officer Grimes asked about the dog’s demeanor, an adult male on the property said the dog was not friendly and that he would take the animal into the home.

“However, before the adult male could get to the dog, the dog attacked Officer Grimes, making continued physical contact with Officer Grimes and trying to bite him,” police stated. “Officer Grimes was attempting to get away from the dog but could not because the dog continued the attack. Officer Grimes drew his duty firearm and fired one round. After being struck by the bullet, the dog continued the attack until reaching the end of the cable, then ceased attacking and retreated.”

Police say the dog, a pit bull, was taken to Ogden Animal Services to be treated and was subsequently returned to the owner.

Ogden Police are conducting an administrative investigation into the shooting.


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