Bodycam Shows Cop Shoot At Rottweiler

** (Disclaimer: Video posted strictly for educational and information purposes only) **
A Gallatin Police officer was charged by a large Rottweiler while responding to a complaint about a vicious dog, the department said. Police said an officer responded to the complaint in the Ironwood Drive neighborhood at about 6 p.m. Thursday. A neighbor had called Sumner County Animal Control saying they might “have to shoot the dog due to its viciousness,” police said. An officer approached a resident of the home where the dog lived, who said the dog was probably “running loose again.” While walking in the driveway, the officer was “aggressively charged” by the dog. The officer fired a single shot, which did not hit the dog. The incident was captured on police body cam video. Police said they have a long, recorded history of calls with this particular dog. The complaints date back to 2015. The dog’s owner was cited three times for “dog running at large,” including one warning. Police said in one incident, a construction worker was injured while fleeing from the dog. Another call claimed the dog was attacking an animal. Neighbors told police they have been trapped in their homes in fear of the dog’s aggressiveness and past history. The investigation is ongoing.

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