Bodycam Shows Cops Force Their Way Into Woman’s House

Action @ 9:45

According to the OP, she is a human trafficker survivor and suffers from PTSD.

Her story…

On June 6, Officer Thomson (#5865), Officer Brock (#4017) and Officer Johnson (#5866) of the Franklin Precinct (#3) of the Baltimore County Police Department stormed into my house without a warrant or probable cause and assaulted me.

They were repeatedly told that I have PTSD from being raped by police officers as a child, but they didn’t care. I was grabbed, dragged across the floor, pinned against the stairs and pepper sprayed when I tried to crawl away.

I was brought to Northwest Hospital for an emergency Psych Evaluation where I was formally diagnosed with PTSD and Major depressive disorder.

Their ‘Risk Reduction Factor’ included the insinuation that Iris should be returned to my care.

Those police officers are now charging me with assault.


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