Bodycam Shows Different Side Of Villa Rica Arrest

Carroll County, GA – Villa Rica authorities released body camera video that shows the moments a suspect is pinned against a car as officers strike him.

It’s three against one. The arrest received a lot of attention after a bystander’s video surfaced online showing officers using force to arrest 27-year-old Tyler Reynolds outside Stix Bar and Grill.

The Villa Rica Police Officers were cleared of any wrong-doing but the arrest is sparking a lot of debate on Snapchat and Facebook.

Police said that the suspect began resisting them when he learned that they intended to arrest him. This newly-released body camera video shows more clearly what happened. Especially what happened before the video posted to Snapchat began.

Authorities released the video to show transparency.

According to police, Villa Rica officers were called to the location three separate times during the day for the same person and handled Reynolds without making an arrest the first two times.

The fist two minutes of the clip show one of those times when officers arrived and asked him to leave after he allegedly did not pay for the food he ordered.


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