Bodycam Shows Man Who Was Caught Jacking Off In Car Park

A man arrested after he was accused of exposing himself in the Cornerstone of Centerville Kroger is suspected as being involved in a similar incident less than an hour later in a parking lot near Sugarcreek Twp. businesses, according to court documents and a 911 call.

Mitchell A Cowan III, 22, of Dayton, was taken into custody Tuesday night after a co-worker reported him being at work in Moraine, said Officer John Davis with the Centerville Police Department.

Cowan is charged with public indecency and disorderly conduct after he allegedly exposed himself to a 69-year-old customer at the Cornerstone Kroger and rubbed his genitals on her arm Friday, according to court records and police.

“Video surveillance of the suspect and his vehicle was located and found to match the suspect and vehicle in an indecent exposure arrest that occurred approximately 45 minutes later…several miles down the road in Sugarcreek Twp,” a statement of facts read.

Sugarcreek Twp. police were called to a similar incident in the parking lot of a strip mall near Wilmington Pike and Clyo Road after a man was reportedly performing a sex act on himself in a vehicle, according to a police report.

Body camera footage showed police approach the vehicle Cowan was in and questioned him about the alleged incident. In the video, Cowan denied peforming the sex act.


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