Bodycam Shows Masked Men Attack Police Car

Derbyshire, UK -This bodycam footage shows the moment two men attacked a police car with sledge hammers. PC Martin Hodnett attempted to stop a car in Simmondley Lane, Glossop, which was suspected of being involved in a burglary. PC Hodnett, who was alone in his car at the time, could not have anticipated what was about to happen. PC Hodnett said: “I just expected them to stop be honest. The next thing they had jumped out and smashed the windscreen. “My first thought was to let the control room know so that other officers in the area could try and find them – and would know what they might do should they be stopped again.” Chief Constable Peter Goodman, presented PC Hodnett with his commendation for the bravery shows on the evening of March 16, 2018, at the Derbyshire Constabulary Celebrating Achievements Awards last night at Pride Park.


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