Bodycam Shows Moment Suspect Pulls BB Gun On Utah Cops

** (Disclaimer: Video posted strictly for educational and information purposes only) **
Orem Police have released body camera video of a confrontation where a man in the backseat of a car got out and pointed what appears to be a gun at the officers. The officers said they were investigating a report of a suspicious vehicle and the situation quickly escalated. Cpl. Vance and Officer Sillitoe were speaking to four people inside the vehicle, which had dark tinted windows. They were in the process of letting the group go when they found out a passenger in the back seat had given a fake name. What you see in the video is what happened when Officer Sillitoe confronted that person. Orem Police confirmed 19-year-old Anton Bay is the person in the back seat who gave a fake name and pointed what appeared to be a gun at police. The firearm was a BB gun but officers didn’t know that until they grabbed it from Bay’s hands. As you can hear at the end of the video, the suspect said he wanted the officers to kill him. Luckily, that didn’t happen.

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