Bodycam Shows Police Arresting Walmart Suspect

New body cam shows a man fighting Tulsa police officers who were trying to arrest him.

Police said at one point the man cut his eye and tried to wipe his blood on them.

Tulsa Police said officers stopped the man after he tried stealing from the Walmart at Admiral and Memorial.

Police said the highlights what officers face on the job every day.

Tulsa Police said Mark Hysell tried to walk out of the store on August 10th with nearly $100 worth of items without paying.

Loss prevention officers confronted Hysell and tried to put him in cuffs.

In the , you can see Hysell resist arrest, kicking several officers, and also spitting on them.

“It went from what could have been a misdemeanor arrest to several felony arrests,” said Officer Jeanne Mackenzie.

At one point, police said Hysell banged his head on the ground cutting up his eye.

Police said he tried to wipe the blood on the officers.

“That laceration was bleeding. He was trying to get blood on the officers. He was making statements like I hope you guys get Hep C from me,” said Mackenzie.

Officer Mackenzie said the shows just how fast things can escalate and put officers in danger.

“Luckily nobody was actually hurt or injured during this incident but that’s not to say that couldn’t happen next time,” Mackenzie said.

Hysell is in jail on multiple complaints including assault and battery on a police officer.


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