Bodycam Shows Police Officer Shooting Suspect Who Grabbed Taser

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Newly released body cam footage shows the moments leading up to the police-involved shooting of a man who confronted officers after he flipped his car into the water near the Florida Keys back in March. Jahmal Parker, of Pompano Beach, had driven off U.S. 1 in south Miami-Dade, where his car overturned into the water, investigators said. After officers and witnesses brought him back to land, Parker attempted to walk away from the scene while law enforcement tried to render aid. The footage, shows officers responding to the scene on March 29. They tell Parker to relax and wait for aid. “You’re bleeding,” one officer tells Parker. “No, I’m not,” he responded. Parker increasingly becomes agitated and doesn’t comply with the officers’ demands. “Sit down or you’re gonna get lit up,” one officer says. As an officer reaches out and tells Parker to sit, Parker reaches over and takes the officer’s Taser from his holster and points it at him.

“Drop it! Drop it now!” an officer is heard saying, as he is seen pointing a firearm at the driver. “He’s got a Taser. Drop it!” that officer is heard saying before gunfire rings out. At least six gunshots were heard. Parker was taken to the hospital in good condition. None of the officers were injured in the incident. Parker is facing several charges, including resisting an officer with violence and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. At the time, both responding officers seen with their guns drawn were placed on administrative leave, which is protocol following a police-involved shooting. One of the officers is a 27-year veteran with the force, and the other has been with Miami-Dade Police eight years. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the incident.

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