Bodycam Shows Police Saving Woman From Husband

This is the moment police stormed into a home to arrest a man who was holding his own wife prisoner.

Avon and Somerset police swooped at the address after the wife of Christopher Jansons was able to discretely call police as she lay on the floor of their bedroom.

Jansons, 62, had covertly recorded his wife discussing their relationship with a friend that day before confronting her.

He took her phone away from her during the initial argument and kept her from leaving the bedroom.

But his victim, who we are not naming, managed to call police covertly on another phone and was able to tell the call handler what was happening and provide her address before hiding the phone and leaving the line open.

As a result officers were able to storm the house in Bridgwater within minutes and found Jansons standing over his wife wearing only a robe.

The incident was captured on the officers’ body worn and was shown to a judge at Taunton Crown Court when Jansons entered guilty pleas.

He was jailed for two years and eight months after admitting to falsely imprisoning and threatening to kill his wife.


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