Bodycam Shows Police Talk To Killer Who Lied About Murder

Gregory Irvin, 26, killed Anne James while she was unpacking her shopping and making soup

This killer concocted a string of lies as he was quizzed by police – just hours after murdering his own grandma.

Shocking bodycam footage – below – shows how Gregory Irvin, 26, invented a cover story after stabbing Anne James to death in Walsall.

The brazen cocaine user stood at the murder scene and told police she was “fine” the last time he spoke to her.

Her body was found by a neighbour.

Irvin, who had built up a £35,000 gambling debt, was convicted of her murder after his lies were exposed by CCTV footage and forensic evidence.

The video captures the moment he lies to police, followed by the CCTV which helped bring him to justice.

In the footage, Irvin pulls up outside his grandmother’s home and is seen walking inside – despite his claims he had only spoken to her on the phone that day.

After killing her, he is seen calmly walking back towards his car carrying what appears to be a white bag.

He gets inside his black Mini and leaves.

The murder weapon, a serrated knife, has never been found.


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