Bodycam Shows Police Taser Man With Health Issues

A Staten Island man with health issues was brutally punched and tased in his family’s home by police responding to a 911 call, his family and attorney say.

Police responded to the Staten Island home of William Colon, 24, on Sept. 28 after a neighbor who heard Colon and his girlfriend arguing called 911.

Video taken by Colon’s brother shows officers punching and tasing Colon — who suffers from several diabetic-related health conditions, stands at around 4-foot-8 and weighs approximately 85 pounds — as he lies face down on a bed.

Colon was only told later that he’d been arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, his attorney Christopher Pisciotta, of the Legal Aid Society, said.

Pisciotta and Colon’s family members, however, claim Colon never attacked his girlfriend.

“What was clear from the video was the brutality and the excessive force that was used in this case,” Pisciotta said.

Colon’s girlfriend’s lawyer Lou Gelormino, says the girlfriend denies that Colon hit her.


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