Bodycam Shows Suspect Die After Being Repeatedly Tased By Police

Tulsa, OK – The Tulsa Police Department on Saturday released body camera footage showing a 25-year-old man being fatally tased by officers last month during an encounter inside a downtown bank.

In the , officers first encounter Joshua Harvey in the street. Police responded to the scene after receiving numerous calls of a man in the street screaming and removing his clothes, according to the TPD statement. The shows police attempting to handcuff Harvey, but he is seen running in the direction of the bank. “He hasn’t done anything yet, he’s just acting crazy,” one officer says to another. Officers then approach the bank as Harvey is seen yanking on the handle of a glass door, which shatters after he pulls it a few times. He then runs into the bank, at which point the officers begin to run toward the building. Two officers appear to deploy their Tasers at Harvey’s back as he attempts to enter a second set of glass doors into the bank’s main lobby. After Harvey landed on his back, the officers continually command him to roll over and put his hands behind his back. Harvey initially tries to get back up and then swings his arms around. Officers continue to use electricity on him.

In just over two minutes, officers tased Harvey numerous times. Near the end of the , an officer is heard saying. Later in the , an officer is heard saying that he doesn’t believe one of his metal Taser leads entered Harvey’s body. “We’ll have to tell them how we’re not sure which Taser was working so we were both doing it,” the officer says.

A TPD statement indicates that two officers used Tasers.

About 15 minutes after Harvey is first tased, he begins groaning but no longer forms coherent words. A groan is heard at the 20-minute mark, and then no further sounds can be heard on the recording. Around that time, officers begin commenting on whether Harvey is breathing. Multiple times, an officer asks if he is breathing and another officer says that he is. “His eyes are in the back of his head,” one officer says near the end of the as Harvey lies on the gurney.

Harvey never regained consciousness in the hospital.


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