Bodycam Shows Suspect Grab And Use Officers Gun

On Tuesday, Deputy Darren Goodwald conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle because the tag did not match the vehicle. After stopping, the driver fled from the vehicle on foot, and ran around a home. He then returned to the vehicle and attempted to start it and flee. The vehicle would not start and the suspect fled again on foot.

The suspect then attempted to force a female from another vehicle.

Deputy Goodwald was able to catch up with the suspect. However, once on the ground, the suspect fought with the deputy and was able to remove the deputy’s Taser from its holster. The suspect deployed the Taser striking himself and the deputy, incapacitating them both.

The suspect then attempted to steal the deputy’s firearm during the continued struggle. Two citizens intervened to help Deputy Goodwald. Another deputy arrived on scene and deployed his taser to subdue the suspect.


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