Bodycam Video Shows Man Tackling Police Officer Before Being Shot

** (Disclaimer: Video posted strictly for educational and information purposes only) **
William Porubsky, 30, tried to steal a Stow police vehicle, grab an officer’s stun gun then tackled Patrol Officer Robert Molody before he was fatally shot, according to police. This, after Stow P.D. was called to Meadowbrook Blvd. on Sept. 3 for a suspicious male knocking on a door, asking for cigarettes and to call his daughter. Stow P.D. Patrol Officer Robert Molody arrived on scene and transported William Porubsky, also known as “Billy” to Akron’s Haven of Rest – because he didn’t want to go back to a female friend’s home in Ravenna. Outside of Haven of Rest, Porubsky refused to exit the vehicle. Body camera video released Thursday afternoon shows Patrol Officer Robert Molody attempting to get Porubsky to exit his Stow Police vehicle, and walk into the Haven of Rest facility. Porubsky refused, arguing that he was not at the right place, at Haven of Rest.

Officer Molody requested assistance from Akron Police. Several moments went by before Officer Molody pulled his stun gun and pointed it at Porubsky while waiting for Akron Police to arrive. Porubsky continued refusing compliance with Officer Molody’s orders to either go sit on the curb, or walk with him over to the facility’s door. William Porubsky then attempts to steal Officer Molody’s police vehicle. The driver’s door was locked. Porubsky then attempted to grab the officer’s stun gun , and was stunned in return. Porubsky tackled Officer Molody to the ground. After several seconds of struggling, two shots are fired. Officer Molody calls in “shots fired” and requests and ambulance. He tells dispatch two shots were fired and that he couldn’t see because the suspect knocked off his glasses. Porubsky was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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