Bodycam Videos From Fatal Police Shooting in Louisville, Kentucky

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Louisville Metro Police have released new details about an officer-involved shooting that happened in South Louisville on Saturday. William A Young Jr., 32, was shot and killed by officers inside a vacant home on Oleanda Avenue just after 11:30 p.m. Police shot Young after he struck an officer in the chest with an object that resembled a meat skewer, Chief Steve Conrad said. LMPD officer Russell Braun was injured in the incident; he received a gunshot would to the hand and an impact injury to the chest. On Monday, Conrad said Officer Braun appeared to have shot himself in the hand as he was falling backwards.

He was treated at University of Louisville Hospital and has since been released. Officers Braun and Paige Young shot William Young during the confrontation, Conrad said. Officer Randall Richardson also possibly shot Young. Describing the incident, Conrad said William Young was crouched behind a wall in an ambush-like position on the second floor as officers made their way upstairs. Conrad added that officers announced themselves numerous times as they made their way through the house.

The investigation remains ongoing to ensure the use of deadly force was justified, Conrad said. If the Public Integrity Unit determines charges should be filed against any of the officers, the case will be turned over to a grand jury. The case will also be reviewed by the Citizens Commission on Police Accountability. Officers Russell Braun, Paige Young and Randall Richardson have been placed on administrative leave while the investigation continues.

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