Boi-1da On Drake’s Ghostwriting Rumors: “Somebody Just Made Some Fake Narrative”

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37 thoughts on “Boi-1da On Drake’s Ghostwriting Rumors: “Somebody Just Made Some Fake Narrative”

  1. I like how people like to ignore the fact that Drake has reference tracks he did for other artists on YouTube and he has writing credit for songs he not even featured on since 2010-2017.

  2. Lmaoo What? On Wikipedia there is over 80 Writers on his “Views” album now I know its wiki but cmon all the mainstream famous artist have ghostwriters and I don’t think somebody would Put 80+ fake ghostwriters on Wikipedia LOL

  3. Of course the “non threatening negros” on Complex and this comment section will say Drake wrote his shit, like we haven’t heard the references tracks 🙄. IS THIS YOUR KING?! 😂😂😂 #Drakeainttop5

  4. These niggas got to stop lying it’s not even a “rumor” anymore no one cares at this point if he has ghostwriters just stop lying about it makes Drake look bad

  5. Bare Drake haters. Drake writes his own shit. If anyone asks why there are like 12 writers on his albums, producers, sample credits count towards songwriters. Plus he’s penned lyrics for some artists as well. Do your research before you start to hate

  6. Reference tracks don’t lie. He’ll be one of the greatest entertainers when it’s all said and done but his credibility as an MC has been out the window since the Reference track for RICO came out. He’ll never be in a top 3,5, or 10 rappers of all time based off that.

  7. I still remember 2015 being the year everyone hated meek and wanted to see him lose for exposing drake. Now all of a sudden everyone is a fan and wants him free. Also sucks that QM never became as big as he should have

  8. But QM was credited…and reference tracks were released. What else would QM have done? The way QM raps and even moves/dances is what drake has become over the years lmao

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