Boosie Badazz – “Who Am I To Judge?” (Official Music Video – WSHH Exclusive)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “Who Am I To Judge?” by Boosie Badazz.
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Boosie drops another visual off of ”Goat Talk 2” for his single “Who Am I To Judge?” Directed by waxhugfilms.

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49 thoughts on “Boosie Badazz – “Who Am I To Judge?” (Official Music Video – WSHH Exclusive)

  1. Dis bitch banging a i think wave should show his son the procedure to getting your dick cut off or show him the episode of South Park Mr.Garrison under goes a sex chain now if he want to still do it after dat get him help frfr anything to prolong it str8 up

  2. Sometimes it's just best to keep quite about things, instead of attack a whole community that done nothing to you. You just adding fuel to the fire and putting more in danger, many are tired of the manipulation, hypocrisy, and hatred that society has placed upon them. Those who bully only do so because they are aloud to while the others have been turning their cheek and enduring the pain, but if you think people will continue to turn their cheek and let you bring them pain then you are a fool.

  3. Boosie Badazz go in ham on this, he slept on like a MF! Only reason he aint even got 500k views is cuz he aint just usin authenticviews Com to get his views up like all these other trappers be doin these days.. SMH

  4. Boosie is truth he says what he says and means what he says love ❤️ it. Love his music 🎶 as well I never go to concerts but for Boosie I’d make an exception. 😉

  5. Personally judging isn’t wrong because we all make judgements everyday either what to eat ,who to trust, who to speak to, and things of those sorts. Life is pointless with out judgements. People want others to be tolerant so bad but are often hypocrites for not spreading the same tolerance for people with different view points than them. What would the world be today without judgements? And anybody that says who are you to judge is also a hypocrite because they had to judge you to determine if you have achieved there point of being able to judge. Stay woke and stay safe. I believe boosie have a right to wtvr he want.

  6. This dude is OG and a real genuine dude, he speak his mind and this why he is loved all thru the hoods, favorite artist been on since youngest out the camp!! Ppl still hate, I don’t get, real life stories that niggas growin up can relate to. Ppl want him to bite his tongue well if he do that then he ain’t Boosie! He probably be like all the other wanna be gangsta or out the hood rappers who ain’t never did shit in the streets, boys was put up in house!! Talk yo shit Boosie

  7. I dont like the bitch
    She going from dick to dick
    And every nigga got money who she piping with
    But I done ran through hoes just like the bitch
    So how can I not like the bitch

    Kept it 100 as always, straight fire

  8. some real ish and they kiled the first born man this was not liitle kids but the man in the man make them like women same shit never change a bit thats wy i like boosi if not ceck fort worth pac imout rip 2 pac

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