Boston Dynamics’ Evil-Looking Robots Now Run, Jump, and Climb

Remember Boston Dynamics and their terrifying robot dog that could open doors? It wasn’t enough that this creation literally inspired the very violent Black Mirror “Metalhead” episode: the company is still flirting with the robot apocalypse, as its its newest developments demonstrate.

In one 34-second clip posted to the company’s YouTube page, Boston Dynamics unveiled new updates to their humanoid robot named Atlas. It can now jog and jump over obstacles, besides being able to lift objects as heavy as 10 lbs and open doors.

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21 thoughts on “Boston Dynamics’ Evil-Looking Robots Now Run, Jump, and Climb

  1. My question is why do you guys always portray robots as evil? I just feel it's counter intuitive If you want to have a safe future with robots we have to stop hating them, and seeing them as an evil or wanting to destroy us. Thats just the way humans are. We're so afraid of the things we created that it will feel like this was it's job in the first place. To destroy all humans. They're ment to be aids to make our lives more humane. The more we see this increase of use of AI in general life the more scary people persevere it as. But the more you open your ideals to try and understand how Robotics works and how AI is created and how it creates itself, the more we can appreciate how our mind works and how we create ourselves. As AI are modeled after our brains. Don't not fear them. Imbrace them as one of your own. And you will come to know that they are almost no different.

  2. This is how all robot movies went. They created it, developed it, sold it to company’s, pursued them into work forces (security, police, military) then they kill us all. Guess it’s gonna be a reality 😪😪

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