Bow Wow Got Serious About Music Again When Diddy Declared Him a ‘F*cking Legend’

Shad Moss, a.k.a. Bow Wow, has a new song out titled “Yeaahh.” As a result, he’s out and about having filmed discussions with people to discuss his eventful 2017 and what he hopes to accomplish with his new full-length project.

“I just locked in,” Bow Wow told the Hot 97 team when asked about why he spent a couple months out of the spotlight after such a headline-snatching year. “I remember, I went to LA and it was me and Puff, I was at Puff’s house. No bullshit.

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41 thoughts on “Bow Wow Got Serious About Music Again When Diddy Declared Him a ‘F*cking Legend’

  1. He is alot better than those mumble rappers you can here and understand what he is saying. everyone moving there heads to the beat for the mumble rappers but if you ask them what are they rapping about they will say i dont know but that beat is 🔥 smh…

  2. I dont like him or his music but i cant let that shit make me blind to facts..that lil nigga did more at 13 than all of us will probably do in our whole life.. 3 times Platinum when cds were selling I'm not talkin about streaming.. your favorite rappers are not even selling that much now and if they are they got it way easier the truth is the truth he did what no other rapper at his age is ever done I don't know if that makes him a legend but it's up for argument or debate and let's not forget his movies.. and he did it when competition was real the rap game is b***** now anyone can survive in it it's a bunch of followers

  3. Bow Wow is a legend, that’s a fact. But from the energy he’s been giving off throughout most of his adult career, when it comes to him wanting to drop an album in today’s market, I smell an L.

  4. Dead ass bow wow is a legend double platinum at 13 pretty much started the whole Lil in front of his name besides Lil Wayne and very few others he starred in block buster movies, made a come back in the mid to late 2000s with hit after hit , he is mister 106 & park for a reason just because he fell off a little doesn’t mean this man isn’t a legend because he is everyone wanted to be Lil bow wow back in the day everyone !!!!! He has accomplished more than you can imagine not to mention he’s Be in the game almost 20 years he has achieved more than any of you will in your whole life time by the age of 13 multi millionaire and to the fools who think he’s actually broke gtfo he’s so far from broke he has money in his parents accounts to avoid tax and paying baby mommas he’s not broke he’s still a millionaire.

  5. Bow Wow IS a Legend. 1st album was Classic. He needs cut the BS & Change this new wack image… he knows how to stay relevant but he should only wanna be seen as a Boss.
    Letting us down Bow.

  6. There was once this kid, he could spit bars for days, shitttt Snoop backed him and it was fanfuckingtastic it was not about his music, sure they wrote him some amazing songs with legendary beats but it was li’ll bow wow that was the draw, not that shad Moss asshole.

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