Breakfast Club Speaks On Guilty Verdict In Derek Chauvin Trial

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49 thoughts on “Breakfast Club Speaks On Guilty Verdict In Derek Chauvin Trial

  1. Conservatives heads are collectively exploding over this verdict. Interesting how a group of people who claim to be pro-life, and hate the big, oppressive government, are quick to defend the government police when they kill someone on video tape.

  2. Joe Biden speaking about systematic racism when one of the first thing he did when he became a senator is trying to keep black kids from going to school with white kids 🤷🏿‍♂️

  3. I wouldn't celebrate just yet did you not see the unbothered look on his face like he know something we don't know about don't be surprised if he get 25yrs all suspended with time served with two weeks probation and he gets his record wipe clean they will try some shit

  4. DJ Envy, there's a difference between justice and vengeance. It's reasonable to wish for him to do real time; he murdered a guy. But it concerns me greatly to hear you say you actually want him to be violated. That should never be wished upon another person. As awful as his deed was, he is still a human being. It is depravity to wish that kind of harm on another person. It's inhumane, and two wrongs never make a right. If he got life without parole, I wouldn't have a problem with it (although that's not an option here). But please do not be so depraved that you'd wish depravity on another person; that makes you no better than the depraved person he was when he murdered George Floyd.

  5. Ulonda E Degahson in Springfield ohio was a black woman that was at her home being assaulted by her boyfriend she use self defense and shot him to protect herself from further harm she is set for trial June 1st for murder. She needs to be cleared like the police officer in mehkia Bryant case. Ulonda E Degahson case is similar why the law is not being applied to her case. The charges need to drop. Society need to protest and demand that the charges be drop for her. Ulonda E Degahson deserve civil immunity. Where is the black community? Where is BLM.? Justice For Ulonda E Degahson. Drop the charges against Ulonda E Degahson.

  6. Listen this aint justice this is a pitty verdict they let George Zimmerman go right so they gave us this he is going to get 20 to 25 years total and only do 7to8 behind bars and they will not tell us when he will be released he's also going to a white collar prison which means its going to be a cake walk that y homeboy aint worried he already knew he was going to be a sacrifice #THIS AINT JUSTICE

  7. i said the exact same thing yesterday!!! i dont know if this clown will last eight weeks! either he's going to do us all a favor, or some inmate will have a field day with him!!! but, knowing them he probably wont be in general population anyways

  8. If this man had done anything remotely constuctive with his life I could understand all the fuss. George Floyd was nothing more than a drug swilling, career criminal who prbably wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet through the head of anybody who got in the way of his next drug fix. I refuse to be a part of this farce.

  9. Question?? Was the $20 actually counterfeit. Glad the family got paid and justice!! Amen. But this country still had to live up to its name. "United" States.

  10. If Envy say "You jus want something more to happen" again 🤦🏾‍♀️Like,,use your vocabulary bro… Always sounding dumb and uneducated. The only intelligent one is Uncle Charlamagne. He need to host by himself #factz

  11. The FILIBUSTER is what is keeping Congress from passing the Police Reform Bill. The Republicans are holding on to it, and 1 Democrat name Joe Manchin, Senator from West Virginia, do not want to remove the FILIBUSTER. Manchin says he wants the Republicans to vote for the Police Reform Bill & Voting Rights Bill before he eliminates the Filibuster; but the Republicans are totally against removing the Filibuster because it helps stops the Democrats from passing any of their Bills they have already approved by the House of Congress. Black citizens need to put more pressure on the 1 Democrat Joe Manchin to vote to abolish the FILIBUSTER; he is the one hold up of keeping these Bills from being passed. Please learn more about the Filibuster, and Boycott Joe Manchin. The Republicans will never remove it because they support racist policies. Trying to compromise with racist (or Satan), is like trying to ask the Klan to help the Black community, by paying US Reparations. It will never happen.

  12. Angela Yee urks me…All she does is read from the newspaper. She is not IN TUNED with our Culture, music, politics. She has NO SUBSTANCE,,,, CHARLAMAGNE NEEDS TO HOST BREAKFAST CLUB WITHOUT YEE & ENVY. YEE IS DUMB AND SO IS ENVY.

  13. Imma just give a rage post before I look it up… but wtf Is involuntary manslaughter???? It should have been first degree lock his ass up for life but the U.S.A knows how to insult the experience of black people…. but the crazy thing is today they shooting black men tomorrow no one is safe. This is not ok. And this problem has to be solved. No one should kill someone and get away with it that literally the biggest crime again humanity. Love hard and stay aware!!!

  14. Shout out to the 18 yr old young lady who help put a racist monster in prison.
    Derrick Chavin would not be in jail today, if it wasn't for Darnella Frazier who record Derrick Chavin killing George Floyd. After they maced her and threatened her, she continued to record Derrick Chavin.
    Derrick Chavin lied on his police report and to his superior.

  15. The reason why elected officials aren't supposed to speak on cases is because it could give the defendant a basis for appeal. They could site that the defendant didn't get a fair trial because of the influence of a high elected official and that a jury may have only voted guilty due to pressure from said official or out of fear that should they not vote guilty, there may have been riots. This is why the judge was upset with Maxine Waters's statement. Basically saying that the trial wasn't fair and the verdict was biased. So to avoid that, elected officials are advised not to speak on it till AFTER the verdict has been read.

  16. Love all these uneducated folks jumping up and down for this verdict. The case was not handled correctly particularly pertaining to keeping the jury fully sequestered from media exposure and its influence. This aspect of the case was flagrantly disregarded ie. Maxine idiot Waters Joe Biden speaking etc. He will by law only serve on the one lesser count if that. People need to understand the system and what really goes into a fair by LAW trial. This by the book nature of our courts would actually protect anybody in this or any instance to a fair trial. Not media mob influence. Shit will not fly. Peoples little feelies watching from the sidelines DO NOT mean a thing in a case like this.

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