38 thoughts on “Breaking News Tekashi Mel Murda Begs Judge for Less Time, Future Baby Mom and TDE Dave Free is Free

  1. The street game is a sad game no love just hate just death just jail they was stupid for letting a kid with pink and green hair hang out with them while they are thinking they are using him and playing him they really just showed what they are all about which is nothing

  2. The way I see it , Rap and the streets are Dog eat Dog…can't none of these fools be trusted. I figure better to educate yourself or go legit you'll last longer….. Finger pointing at who's at fault after you doing time is senseless….. Aint no code of honor with these dude's…..

  3. JORDAN MF TOWER pls slow down on the Snitch9 news , and it sound like u wanna COP that new Snitch9 album key word COP. U should be reporting that CAM'RON DROPPED SUM FIRE LAST WEEK BELIEVE IN FLEE GO LISTEN TO THAT AND THANK ME LATER 5

  4. Come on man this has to top. Sentencing letters are suggested to the judge before sentencing. Anyone that been in the feds and was sentenced there they know that's a standard letter. You have the most notorious criminals write the same letters… Quit over exaggerating!!!

  5. No offense JT but u actually think muafuckas would wear them lame cheap corny gay ass hoodys and clothing u tryna sale I said tryna sale bro damn I heard u was doin bad but damn u doin bad M.RECK Killin u …. Get a part time job if u need money cause ur clothing game is a FAIL

  6. All you bitch ass people in the comments taking shit about Mel asking for a less time from the judge, Really? Wtf. I bet everyone that’s talking shit is a Bitch, that don’t know shit about court and how things are handle! You do everything you can to get back out on the streets, the gangster way by not snitching!! You dum fucks!! When you are in trouble for this type of shit!! You always have a chance to write a letter to the judge!! It’s your chance to explain yourself, sometime the judge listens to you and sometimes not!! So why wouldn’t you try? That’s all he’s doing!! You dum FUCKS and FUCK YOU Jordan tower saying he is begging. I hope one of the bloods catches you slipping out there in the streets. Don’t forget he’s the leader of a real Blood gang!!

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