32 thoughts on “Bria Myles AtlantaDymes.com guest model shoot

  1. Bria is an extremely beautiful woman with a beautiful dark chocolate complexion. Also, that booty is incredible. Bria is a perfect model for that original archetype woman, which is that beautiful African queen goddess.

  2. She is a beautiful dark chocolate goddess! That is how a real woman suppose to look like! Pretty face and curvy body with wide hips! Perfection!

  3. Her smile along with her beautiful chocolate skin and great curves.I really like youtube and Users that upload videos like this. Thank you I'll take chocolate over vanilla any day.

  4. @chocolatebeauty00, First off, black women do shit to impress or out do other black women, not attract men.2) Dark women are programmed to love light skin"good" hair from young.3)Dark women are color struck and always chase after light skinned Drake type niggas that'll fuck your whole neighborhood.4) BW need to check their fucking attitudes and ways.

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