Britt McHenry Claimed ESPN Demoted Her Because She Was White

Sports reporter turned right-wing pundit Britt McHenry offered up a hot take on her tenure with ESPN.

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46 thoughts on “Britt McHenry Claimed ESPN Demoted Her Because She Was White

  1. Seriously, who watches ESPN anymore. Outside the basketball watching hood, no one cares. Didn't they have that black racist lady who called Trump a white supremist? Lol. Nice ratings, ESPN!

  2. Is this the same idiot who scolded Jimmy Garoppolo for going out on a date with a porn star, when her demigod the Orange Clown paid off multiple porn stars after having sex with them? Interesting.

  3. This woman pissed her whole career away. Even though she wasn’t fired straight away, the tow trucking video ruined her reputation. Now that’s she’s been fired by ESPN I feel like it’s all downhill for her. Starting to lose her looks which was the only thing she had going for her. Do feel a tad sorry for her, but that’s karma I suppose

  4. Funny, because a few white women on ESPN are always attacking non white athletes or fellow cohosts.

    1) The white lady who got Steven A. Smith suspended.

    2) The lady who on ESPN radio said Manny Pacquiao should be scrutinized that he's making so much money but hes against same- sex marriage.

    Outside of ESPN

    1) The 4 white ladies on Bay Area Comcast who celebrated WOMEN IN SPORTS MONTH (with only white women). They proceeded in bashing Kobe Bryant for getting an oscar and him being viewed as a hero when THEY all know hes a rapist. Of course they never mentioned how much endorsements that Peyton Manning has gotten even after being accused of sexual assault. And I'm not a Peyton hater. I did security for the Colts and Peyton was cool. Actually my brother was a jerk asking for his autograph while he was eating with his family.

    I called COMCAST BAY AREA and asked them why they only had white women on talking about WOMEN IN SPORTS MONTH they told me I had a point.

    And when I called it was a white woman who answered the phone and directed me to another white lady who was in charge. Lol, but this lady is soooo oppressed !!

  5. No way! Because she’s Caucasian. First they say black they get demoted or fired because there black. Come on world make up your mind. I’m thinking she’s looking for cash.

  6. I believe it! ESPN has made a drastic change. They would put you on just for the sake of diversity. Theres a woman on every sports show now, just cuz.

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