Bryson Tiller Reveals Struggle With Depression

Bryson Tiller says his lukewarm second album was the result of dealing with depression and also teased new music.

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48 thoughts on “Bryson Tiller Reveals Struggle With Depression

  1. Why tf is he depressed lol nigga got money nigga got reach nigga got chickens nigga got a lambo nigga got a life just live ya life u made ya mark the music will come.

  2. Bruh wtf, I listen to both of the albums and love them very much. Who tf be talking shii about Bryson’s music. His music is my life and couldn’t think of another artist that I would rather listen to other than him

  3. I know my taste are different af because I enjoyed true to self even more, guess u have to be appreciative of the art work and not expect it to be exactly the same tho…

  4. true to self was amazing. once I stopped trying to compare the two albums I saw true to self in its own light. and you can definitely hear his depressions through the music but that males sense cuz he just been going through life yk. I still listen to that album, I play true to self more than trapsoul.

  5. True to Self was and still is a bomb ass album 👏🏿 I bumped that shit the whole of 2017 and am still bumping it now. People be adopting this mindset of "new artists are one hit wonders and always fall off" & just give off this negative energy on all this new talent.

  6. Sucks to see one of the few newcomer artists with actual talent suffer and not be praised more. True to Self may have been a slight let down after Trapsoul but Tiller will come back strong.

  7. I don’t care about hype and hits if the song is good then I’m going to listen to buy it etc depression is normal you make the best music when you go through stuff and it reaches more ppl because they go through the same 💯

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