BTS’ Jungkook FANGIRLS Over Ariana Grande, Stirring Up Collab Rumors!

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Arianators and BTS Army brace yourselves because Ariana Grande and Jungkook (CHUN-KOOK) just met and we are not ok.

What up y’all it’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and we are here to talk about the iconic duo we never knew we needed.

BTS fans know that Jungkook is a huge Ariana stan,

And it was a night to remember forever!

Jungkook attended Ariana’s “Sweetener” concert at Staples Center in Los Angeles and got the chance to see her do her thang in person for the first time.

But that wasn’t all! He also got to meet queen Ari and take some pics.

And he actually kept his cool in the presences of his fav celeb.

After the show, Jungkook took to Twitter to share some of his thoughts about seeing Ariana perform.

He wrote, “I felt and learned a lot after seeing her stage. I am really challenged by her stage and will try harder! #ArianaGrande.”
Looks like Ariana’s performance truly inspired him, even though he’s a huge star in his own right.

But this fangirl moment was a two way street because Ariana was just as excited to meet Jungkook.

She posted this pic of them on her Instagram with the caption quote, “screaming. thank u soooooo much for coming to my show, Jungkook. it meant so much. love u sm.”

And it didn’t end there. Ari actually even made the picture of her and Jungkook her phone background.

So these two obviously love and respect each other. Can we please get an Ariana and BTS collab?

Fans on Twitter are also really hoping these two will work together.

One fan tweeted quote, “Ariana loves BTS’s music, BTS loves Ariana’s music. Are we ready to discuss the possibility of her and Jungkook talking about a collab back stage?”

While both Ariana and BTS are currently on tour, it seems unlikely that any new music would drop anytime soon, but hey a boy can dream.

For now, we’re just happy that Ariana and Jungkook finally met.

But we’ll just be over here waiting for some new music. We see you Ari and Jungkook.

Alright now we want to know what you think. Would you like to see an Ariana and BTS collab?

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