Bun B Picks the Best Rapper of All Time | Mostly Football

Guest co-host, Bun B, break down rappers to decide who was the greatest rapper of all time.

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49 thoughts on “Bun B Picks the Best Rapper of All Time | Mostly Football

  1. Why does everything have to be straight lyrics?
    Just saying there’s a lot of people who have straight lyrics but the way they deliver it is straight boring.
    Are we going to just throw delivery out the door? The way you convey a line is everything to me.

  2. Bun B is a legend in so many ways. UGK have had a huge impact on the culture. Bun B has always been a student of the game, even as one of the O.Gs. If you love hip-hop, you have to have respect and admiration for Bun B.

  3. heres the official top 10 that sean princes told me to tell me before he went home
    1 Biggie
    2 Nas
    3 Big l
    4 Sean Prince
    5 Talib kweli
    6 snake-eyes
    7 prophecie
    8 Styles . p
    9 Mobb deep
    10 Bonethug

  4. When he put Tupac up there I was like aight “I ain’t mad at ya” 😂 nah but Fr this isn’t the true hall of fame this is just the mainstream hall of fame. Kanye chance and lil Wayne shouldn’t even be on the list. It’s not that it’s a bad list it’s just the ordinary list for people who don’t know underground and don’t pay attention to the billion other rappers out there even if there better. Which I think is unfair and that’s why I don’t agree with the list. Plus it’s on complex so what more could you expect? Plus y’all didn’t even put Joyner Lucas up there, smh.

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