C.J. McCollum Ethers the Cleveland Cavaliers Right Before Game

During an edition of his most recent podcast (which came out Tuesday), Blazers star/former journalism major C.J. McCollum tossed out some comments that got him a lot of buzz on Reddit.

Roughly 11:50 into that podcast, which is called Pull Up With CJ McCollum, 2016’s Most Improved Player called the Cavaliers “one of the worst defensive teams I’ve ever played against.”

Frankly, I think most people (Cavs fans included) would be hard pressed to disagree with that. In fact, the top comment was from a Cavs fan who wrote “Is this a surprising thing to say?”

Nevertheless, McCollum stated that he thinks Cleveland’s deficiencies come from the team’s high roster turnover.

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37 thoughts on “C.J. McCollum Ethers the Cleveland Cavaliers Right Before Game

  1. That is pretty ironic coming from a guy coming that got swept in the first round by the pelicans but while cj is busy talking bad about the cavs we are busy competing for a championship🙏👏🙌💯

  2. They all have to pick up extra on def cause lebron gets the slowest player to defend which means the center on the cavs is going to be at a disadvantage most of the time cause he has to guard someone that's faster than him. Lebron doesn't play help side defense. He just want to sit in the lane all day to get his rebound stats. Stat chasing ass.

  3. I mean, cj’s pretty spot on.Teams always trying to give lebron everything he wants and asks for, which is why a lot of people will never view him as the greatest of all time. Difference between the Warriors and Cavs is that the Warriors built their team from the ground up, minus kd, and have reaped the rewards for having a great front office and coaching staff.

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