21 thoughts on “can Asians say the N-word?

  1. Growing up in the hood, blacks and asians always got along(In NY at least). Asians adopted a lot of African American culture and in some case, vice versa. These days it's a little weird for me. I grew up talking like most people in the hood. We would say the N word ending with EE or A, but never ended it with the ER. That's racist to us back then. Only white people weren't allowed to say any of it. Presently, as I got older and the millennials are so sensitive these days, I changed the way I talk. But, every now and then, the hood in me still comes out.lol. You can move out the hood, but the hood in you will always be there.

  2. This dude : …
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  3. I hate it when people say " The N word". Because when they do they are just making me say the actual word in my head, I'm like fck you why dont you fcking say it and take responsibility. dont hide behind the first letter and make me say it in my god damn mind.

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