Can We Separate “The Art” from the “Artist”?

In 2018, are we able to separate the art from the artist? Complex News’ Pierce Simpson explores the possibilities.

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34 thoughts on “Can We Separate “The Art” from the “Artist”?

  1. The people at complex must have the lowest IQ ever I don’t even think they went to school to be fair they must’ve just been friends with the teachers to get those grades lol

  2. separating art from the artist is nonsense. If its based on political views then who gives a shit its all meaningless any how, but when it comes to things like domestic abuse, rape or any form of dispicable behavior then it matters. Ultimately its up to you if you want to put money in the pockets of child molestors and rapists like Roman Polanski, but when you do we know where your values allign.

  3. For most of x main stream life he chose to give back to his community he wasn't an angel and he understood that he had made mistakes in the past and was trying to redeem himself but somebody took his life before he could R.I.P X

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