Candy Red Bentley GT Coupe on 24″ Forgiato Wheels

My Homie B decided to go a whole different route with his GT coupe when it came to the exterior. Most ppl think this car needs know changes, It say enough stock. Sent it to Phase 3 Customs in South Carolina had them Spray it a Candy red over Gold and add a set of 24″ Forgiatos Just to put the Icing on the cake ! Check out more pics at on Instagram @WhipsbyWade and on Facebook


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17 thoughts on “Candy Red Bentley GT Coupe on 24″ Forgiato Wheels

  1. Now dats real candy… All these other videos showing good quality red paint jobs but aint really candy… U can tell wen u lookin at real candy cus u can see a bright orange reflection off the light that hits the car like dis bently

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