Cardi B Calls Out ‘Dickhead’ Trump

One of hip-hop’s current power couples is, without a doubt, Cardi B and Offset. Separately, they’ve owned the first half of 2018, and with a baby on the way, they are setting up for their future dominance.

During their recent cover story with Rolling Stone, the pair gets into a lot of topics, but it’s when Cardi starts speaking out about current President Donald Trump that the sparks fly. First, she details why she feels Trump is a madman.

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46 thoughts on “Cardi B Calls Out ‘Dickhead’ Trump

  1. Who is this thot? Bill Clinton didn’t get impeached because he cheated on his wife he got impeached because he lied under oath. And her baby daddy isn’t too respectful to women either

  2. Shut the fuk up that's why we need a new generation of rap is every time I rapper even remotely promotes Trump y'all try to put them back in line and cardi B was not with all of this but I guess y'all got to her so thanks pieces of garbage never going to dismiss her and accept the new rapper

  3. Why Cardi B never call out Trump when he fucking with black people, but wanna call him out when he messing with your people , Hispanics/Latinos…. you wanna use black music to get rich, but only support your people with your voice… Burrito Loser

  4. I agree with Cardi because no sane person would ever support some one like Donald Trump. But Cardi has to educate herself before about political topics before giving out her political opinion.

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