30 thoughts on “Cardi b goes brazy on people calling her liar, Tekashi case, snow Billy says Jim Jones ‘a b#t$&’

  1. So does Cardi not have money for batteries for that darn smoke detector? And its always an excuse if she robbed guys but if shes one dollar short or gets robbed shes a victim. She still has a open case about those strippers right?

  2. Timing is everything not saying what she saying is a lie it's just why wait to say something once your career is moving at a slow state and you been ranting for a minute since your last single now if she would of came out and said something weeks or days with in the photo shoot for the magazine cover it be more believable and then u literally just did a movie on stripping drugging and finessing men and didnt you say you use to drug men at the strip club ect I think that's what's making it hard for fans to believe u

  3. I understand you make money by people watching and you collecting ad revenue but dude, that don't mean upload a video every few hours because you heard some shit somewhere. Your saturation is damaging your credibility. More don't mean better. You stretched this basic paragraph that everybody that follows her already saw to a video. Be a harder critic to yourself. This is subpar at best.

  4. Client privileged confidentiality he didn't know shitt 69 was gonna say the lawyers risking getting kicked off the bar and losing his ability practice law some people need to listen to themselves talk before they put something out social media whores

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