Cardi B Has Some Interesting Opinions When It Comes to U.S. Politics

Cardi B has spent the last two years proving she’s knows her shit when it comes to politics

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25 thoughts on “Cardi B Has Some Interesting Opinions When It Comes to U.S. Politics

  1. yeah, really interesting and profound opinions. totally not what every other famous person parrots on a daily basis. how can you seriously take political opinions from a girl who can barely annunciate her words correctly and doesnt understand the difference between how state and federal taxes are used?

  2. Cardi? Maybe you all should start listening to Black Men from urban areas. Not the goofies…… you all know that we are the only ones walking this earth with common, God given outlook and sense

  3. Donald has really lowered the bar. Pre-trump I never thought that an undereducated sex worker's name would be brought up in the conversation for elected office. What a shame

  4. Bro so your telling me the lady who cant keep her man(who payed for her rap career mind you)😂😂😂 from cheating on her ….. is supposed to run the country yeah okay ……… complex is becomeing the buzzfeed of the music Industry

  5. She doesn’t have a college degree or any political experience. She speaks in laymen’s terms. Politics is very complicated business. She’s just stating what she knows from watching the mainstream media. Also it’s public record what the IRS does with your money and if she’s wants to make a change help prison reform and pay for an education instead of a iced out chain. Complex Im ashamed you’ve dumbed down your content to this level.

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