Cardi B Isn’t Waiting on Nicki To Drop Her Album First

Cardi B wasn’t having it when she saw a comment section debating on if she’s laying low with her debut album until Nicki Minaj drops her fourth.

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47 thoughts on “Cardi B Isn’t Waiting on Nicki To Drop Her Album First

  1. More like Nicki's waiting on Cardi because that's just how Nicki is..Case in point: rumors were flying like dogshit about Nicki being pregnant (We know Nicki's camp loves to put out stories & rumors about her for buzz) but we know it's Cardi's whose pregnant at this point yet she continues to do stuff musically, why can't Nicki drop her shit? Because all them features didn't do too much last year? 🤔

  2. Nicki is playing smart af lol. She know Cardi is a new artist and her 1st album is one of the most important albums of Her career because it's her 1st and we get to see if she has longevity. Nicki bout to drop her 4th album and even if she don't she got plenty of money from her other albums, her purfume line etc. Nicki has already made a name for herself so she really playing with Cardi smh and Cardi falling for it cause as a new artist you don't have all day to drop your 1st album fans will get irritated and people might even forget you. Nicki is playing very smart here.

  3. Nicki is waiting for Cardi B. Cardi's the fresh new rapper. Exactly what happened to her and Lil Kim. Nicki's getting washed up thats why shes featuring in so many tracks and been rapping much more to opposed to her making "pop" tracks. Its all up to the labels at this point, lets see what they do with their women power houses

  4. I think her label is withholding the album till Nicki drops to try to force some type of competition, even tho Nicki can rap Cardi under the table when she feels like it.

  5. "No good ever really comes from responding to trolls and haters in the comments".
    Ok Frazier whatever you got to say to make yourself feel better lol. What a tool, my nigga you ain't on Cardi's level.
    Get off your high pony

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