Cardi B Just Reached Another Record-Breaking Milestone

Cardi B made her mark on the Billboard charts throughout the course of 2017, and she’s already started to do the same thing in 2018. Billboard just announced that Cardi is the only rapper to ever have her first three Hot 100 singles in the top 10 at the same time.

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21 thoughts on “Cardi B Just Reached Another Record-Breaking Milestone

  1. Where's nicki?? I'll wait for Nicki's album, I still support both nicki and cardi I respect them hahahaha. Cardi did a great job but once nicki drop another album damn its a good year for these greatful female rappers. Girl power haha.

  2. what's the bitch   
    gonna do next 
    save net neutrality?

    she kinda thicc or
    whatever tho.

  3. Not hating but this is the same shit I heard when Nicki dropped her first album and all these songs after & How most of her songs where number 1 etc etc. this is all bullshit. These people are hype that they have someone else to talk about besides Nicki. But sorry Cardi ain't breaking no records. These records already been broke.

  4. First of all for EVERYONE who keeps saying males artist has been doing it before her is correct. There has been MANY male artist to do that. . But in this video. She said FEMALE wise she is breaking records.. So why everybody hating on Cardi B for?? Because she actually making music Nd having her music in the top ten is a true blessing bc not a lot of FEMALE artist can accomplish that! and for the record everybody SINS on a daily and talks about it. Regardless if you say it in a song or on social media or even to your friends does that make it any different…. Tf you mean ? It sounds like y'all just mad BC she making money moves and y'all not 😂😂😂.

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