Cardi B on Her Pregnancy: ‘I Haven’t Even Planned Out Anything for the Baby Yet’

Cardi B’s in album promo mode, and she made this past Monday all about her. While hitting the major outlets to hype the release of her debut album Invasion of Privacy, it was no surprise that everyone wanted to talk about her being pregnant. And because she’s Cardi, she was happy to oblige.

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41 thoughts on “Cardi B on Her Pregnancy: ‘I Haven’t Even Planned Out Anything for the Baby Yet’

  1. Cardi B's interviews are so real. She really feels like a genuine person unlike most people that have been popping the scene lately. I love her album soo much. I did a cover of her song Be Careful. Its in my channel. Hope this album does great for her !

  2. A baby didn't destroy Beyonce and it's not going to destroy cardi.keep drinking your haterades and just shut up.her career not going nowhere she don't want it least she don't need a surogent mother to carry her babies or artificial incemenated with somebody else shit.these celebrities that can't make babies on they own the realist thing around is a woman that can naturally birth her man kids.instead of watching her man stuff another burrito…lol..hahaha

  3. I see everybody in the comments saying negative things about her being a mother….. Half the hos'e on her got more than one child by more than one man!!! And the men's on here have 10 kids and don't take care or pay child support for none!!! So before judging someone look in the mirror and judge yourself first!!!!

    #cardi B #baby Cardi #invasion of privacy #she took Nikki seat #deal with it

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