Cardi B on Trump’s Proposal to Arm Teachers : ‘This Man Really Out His Mind’

On Thursday, Cardi B posted a couple of Instagram memes that took aim at Trump’s so-called solution to school shootings.

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43 thoughts on “Cardi B on Trump’s Proposal to Arm Teachers : ‘This Man Really Out His Mind’

  1. ..? Does Trump not know that these shooters do not care about dying? Chances are if this does happen, they will still kill people, then get shot by one of the few armed teachers (maybe) instead of the police.

  2. in the beginning, i disagreed with trump's idea. having watched the documentary about Harrold County school board in Texas, i'm willing to concede that in communities where 1st responders may be 30 – 60 minutes away; it may be necessary to arm to faculty.

    The average school mass shooting lasts less than 10 minutes so, in rural areas, it may be necessary to allow teachers to bring their own firearms to school. in suburban & urban areas where students number in the 100s – 1000s it may be disastrous to have teachers carry concealed weapons.

    especially if they cannot confidently identify the space between themselves and the target. moreover, the space behind the target.

  3. Imagine an "old ass female" ex-military who could whoop several men's asses and shoot on target any second. That comment is not only sexist, it's degrading to women. Old? Female? So you saying old females cant use guns or too dumb and too weak to use guns? Go talk to some of the boss female FBI/secret service agents. A gunman going in knowing ZERO people have guns will be comfortable in there.This isnt the only solution, but we need to have trained teachers or undercover who are willing to carry. No one will force teachers to use or carry a weapon. It's just in case something happens.

  4. Some schools do have teachers armed and the students say they feel safe with the armed teachers. I think I would feel safer with armed responsible armed adult around.

  5. Wait… So if a killer starts shooting up the school… people rather hide and pray the psycho doesn't kill them???? At least TRUMP is trying to give some people who are willing to carry a gun a fighting chance. They had 4 police officers who didn't even go in the school while the shooting happened! Let's continue to keep the school gun free zone. So far it's works since the 90s. SMH.

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