28 thoughts on “Cardi B Puts Joe Budden and Access Hollywood in Place, Angela Yee React Gucci Mane, Tekashi Jan 2020

  1. He probably was banned from there they did nicki like that said she was never banned but the radio station put out a tweet saying she was banned and not allowed to come there so I believe Gucci when he said he was banned they full of shit they hate it when people tell the truth about them

  2. Social media is going to be her downfall. She has to learn to ignore the haters in to they fade away. I wonder why they didnโ€™t get hit with a gun charges New Jersey and New York donโ€™t play when you get caught with a gun

  3. Niggas hate whether she on the pole or she isn't on a pole .get off her dick..niggas hate so much they can't give a bitch credit for getting off the fucking pole and getting her bag ….butvthe glorify gangs and shit..foh

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