Cardi B Waiting on Nicki?, Lil Xan Banned From Rap? Safaree Glows Up | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, Wayno, Star, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska broke down whether or not Cardi B is waiting on Nicki Minaj to drop her album, Lil Xan getting banned from hip-hop by Waka Flocka and T.I., Safaree’s new glow up in 2018, and more.

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34 thoughts on “Cardi B Waiting on Nicki?, Lil Xan Banned From Rap? Safaree Glows Up | Everyday Struggle

  1. 14:17 is where I call it quits! smh. I tried to give this show a chance and just NO. oh, btw Xanax isn't an opioid dip shit, it's in the anti-depressant/anti-anxiety family. An opioid is narcotic pain pills SUCH ASSSSS, oxycodone, hydrocodone, roxicet, percocet, endocet, etc. damn. bunch of dummies with average ass uninteresting opinions. I'm out. lol.

  2. Now I'm starting to really feel the absence of Joe. Wayno is ok but he talks too much. STAR is supposed to be the strong personality but it's just diluted by the others. And how long did they talk about Lil Xan? Joe wouldn't have stood for that trash.

    Just give Joe the bag. Please.

  3. Wayne, the parable of Nas vs Rakim is garbage when you use it to make an reference to these new niggas. They trash. Nas is a lyricist just as Rakim is…there is no similarity between these nerdy lil niggas who have daddy money versus real MCs who rocked stages and impressed with lyrical content. Stop it son.

  4. No more interviews. I understand why. The labels signing new acts doesn't work one on one with artist. Or doesn't teach them hip hop history. Doesn't make them listen to Big Daddy Kane, Eric B, Queen Latifah, Jay Z, Jeezy, Snoop. If they only grow up on the new acts, there's never a appreciation for the art.

  5. I agree. A lot of new ppl trying to rap doesn't go back and study the rappers who open up a lane for new acts to come in. Then they don't understand why real hip hop heads attack them. New acts, your tram should help them do there hip hop history. Listen to the og's, rappers and RnB artist and then come in the game with a better understanding of the craft.

  6. Lil Yachty came in talking about Big. Like AK said. Probably never heard a full feature-length project from Tupac. 'All Eyez On Me' was a great album. That would be a great place for him to start. Plus he clearly needs someone to help him and prep him for better interviews. I wanna hear his music. He just needs help. Simply. One terrible interview shouldn't dictate his career.

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