43 thoughts on “Cassidy Clowned In Philly, Ja Rule wants to Dance with 50 Cent, Gucci Mane Best Rapper ATL

  1. Ja Rule I'm going to tell you this you need to stop because I understand 50 Cent ain't your career you is still mad because 50 Cent is rich making good TV shows and you wish you were in the position what 50 Cent is doing right now all this back and forth you dissing 50 Cent it just making you look stupid and you sound bitter Ja Rule I'm telling you stop because you making yourself look bad

  2. If itโ€™s based on skill, young dro is DEFINITELY supposed to be more highly ranked than Gucci so idk what JT been listening to. Andre 3000 definitely should be number one, thatโ€™s accurate.

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