Cassidy: If I Had to, I’d Bet on Mook Over Drake – Cassidy shared his thoughts on the potential battle between Murda Mook vs. Drake in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV. He began by addressing the very rare violence that occurs in Battle Rap, and how he believes that violence has occurred in every single competitive sport for a very long time. Cassidy doesn’t think that Battle Rap would have the same feel if a distance rule was implemented in the battles, and that the lyrical combatants need to just keep their emotions under control.
He then went on the discuss the potential of Drake and Murda Mook battling in the near future. Cassidy was reluctant to predict a winner, but since he is real cool with Mook, he stated that he’d put his money on him if he had to. Cass thinks that Mook is a seasoned vet in Battle Rap that would certainly give Drake problems, but acknowledged that Drake is no sl


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