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On today’s episode of #OutofBounds, sports announcer and commentator Mauro Ranallo joins Gilbert Arenas, Adam Caparell, and Pierce Simpson to discuss the Celtics beating the Cavs despite a monster game from LeBron James to take a 2-0 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals. With King James clearly giving his all — returning from a scary head shot to post a 42-point triple-double — the panel points fingers at the teammates who need to step their game up.

One player who would be excused if he were underperforming is Celtics guard Marcus Smart, who revealed that his mom is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for bone marrow cancer but wants him to remain focused on basketball. Mauro — who had to do a broadcast after losing a close family member — and Gil talk about trying to perform at your best when you’re enduring a personal tragedy.

Looking ahead to tonight’s Game 2 between Houston and Golden State, OOB asks if the Rockets can “withstand” Kevin Durant going off, as head coach Mike D’Antoni said they could after he torched them for 37 points in Game 1. Are the Rockets capable of shutting down one or more of the Dubs’ other stars? Plus, the panel makes their picks for the game.

Then, with the NBA Draft Lottery over and the Suns now in possession of the first overall pick, the crew debates whom Phoenix should draft at No. 1. Also, Gil explains why the NBA’s new draft lottery format designed to eliminate tanking won’t actually stop the league’s annual race to the bottom.

After ESPN Films and Netflix announced Tuesday that they will be releasing a 10-part documentary series on Michael Jordan in 2019, the guys ask if it will reveal anything we don’t know about MJ or just show younger generations why he is the GOAT over LeBron and Kobe. Plus, Gil lets Mauro know why Jordan’s return to play for the Wizards wasn’t the typical case of an athlete being unwilling to move on from their playing career.

With his own documentary, Bipolar Rock ‘N’ Roller, premiering next Friday, May 25, on Showtime, Mauro explains the motivation behind the project, which candidly discusses his mental health issues. Plus, Gil opens up about his battle with depression and how he learned to be himself.

Finally, with philanthropic hedge fund manager and outspoken Trump critic David Tepper expected to buy the Panthers for a record-setting $2.2 billion, OOB asks if he is precisely the kind of owner the NFL needs now. Does politics even matter when it comes to the bottom-line business of NFL ownership?

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32 thoughts on “Cavs Getting Swept?, Can Houston Win Game 2?, New Michael Jordan Doc | Out of Bounds

  1. You can tell black dude on the right is one of those so called "Non threatening black men" that Complex allegedly hires. They only hire gay black men or "non threatening" black men. Nigga don't even know sports. He be messing up player's names that any average fan can name.

  2. I'm 21 and my issues with Jordan stem from him as a person. The ridiculous level or arrogance he displayed like 15 fucking years after he retired just pisses me off. "Kobe is the only player that deserves to be compared to me" stfu bald ass bitch you dont pick who we compare you to. I'll give him 2nd best ever easy bc he did it on both ends but he and that whole bulls squad just sound fucking bitter all the time

  3. Mauro Ranallo is so good and I agree with him with the emotion thing. My sister passed the night I had this performance at church and it felt perfect from start to finish and after I finished, I cried, broke down in tears so yeah…

  4. I feel like arenas is clueless as to what goes on in the world outside of sports. “It’s just a fade” Pierce wanted to correct him regarding Trump and why ppl don’t like him but it’s just a sports show

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