Celtics Rock LeBron, Cavs; NFL Anthem Policy; Sterling Brown Police Brutality Case | Out of Bounds

On today’s episode of #OutofBounds, Gilbert Arenas, Adam Caparell, and Pierce Simpson discuss the Celtics beating the Cavs 96-83 in Boston to take a 3-2 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals. An exhausted LeBron James put up 26 points and 10 rebounds but got little help from his teammates. Gil shines a light on Cleveland’s glaring weakness and the adjustments that coach Tyronn Lue needs to make if the Cavs are going to have any chance of winning the series on the road in a Game 7.

Looking forward to tonight’s pivotal Game 5 between the Rockets and Warriors in Houston, will Golden State bounce back from its horrendous, 12-point fourth quarter in Game 4 to win a second game in Houston and reclaim home-court advantage? Gil breaks down the severity of the Warriors’ problems and what they need to do differently.

The NFL announced a controversial new policy that requires players to “show respect for the flag and the anthem” if they are on the field during its performance — fining teams if they do not — but allows them to stay in the locker room if they prefer. Debate gets heated between Gil and the guys as they react to the news from their personal perspectives as well as those of NFL owners and players.

While NFL players continue to protest racial inequality and police violence, Bucks guard Sterling Brown plans to file a civil rights lawsuit against the Milwaukee Police Department after officers tackled, tased, and arrested him without cause after issuing him a parking ticket in January. With police body-camera footage showing he in no way provoked the cops, OOB asks if there will be justice for Sterling and if his case will help bring about much-needed change in policing. Legal expert that he is, Gil explains how officers often escalate situations as well as how he personally approaches police stopping him.

Closing on a lighter note, the crew reacts to the NBA’s All-Defensive teams and Jazz center Rudy Gobert being the leading vote-getter. Gil questions how the players are determined — especially when two of them are on the same team. One famous player in particular gets called out for his defensive credentials, plus Agent Zero reveals how he was once third in steals despite playing no defense.

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24 thoughts on “Celtics Rock LeBron, Cavs; NFL Anthem Policy; Sterling Brown Police Brutality Case | Out of Bounds

  1. I'm tired of all this 'using my platform' nonsense. When did that become a thing? Some of these guys stupidly equate likes on social media platforms with actual societal impact. Go out there and get your hands dirty, rather than this 'using my platform for fb, ig or twitter likes' likes'

  2. Gilbert speaks the truth about the Anthem Policy. It's annoying to watch Adam and Pierce trying to convince him to their beliefs. Also to the guys in the comment section – you just can't fucking stand that a black guy doesn't fall for the leftist propaganda. Gil speaks facts. Period.

  3. Gilbert told you how owners think. Too bad yall wanna bully people into thinking how yall do. Stop playing victim when these dudes protest they risk losing a job. Lastly the us dept of defense gives millions to the NFL every year that's why they made that decision.

  4. Man I can't even get mad at Gil. Aint no disrespect just dumb ass fans, messy ass president and disadvantaged ass protest 😂😂 Brethren lets just find another way to piss off ppl to show them true colors cuz true be told AINT NUN OF U MFERS GIVING UP THEM MILLION DOLLAR ASS CHECKS!! #GIL #MyBoy

  5. Gil sounds like a real dumbass about the flag situation. You got to shut up and do what you're paid to do. The fans are dummies. Can't have both sides partner. I wonder what would be crossing the line of acceptance for him since it's all about a paycheck.

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