Chance, Lupe Fiasco, and Others Respond to Kanye’s Pro-Trump Comments

Kanye West doubled down on his support for Donald Trump on Twitter and lit the social media platform on fire. In the wake of his comments many artists seemingly subtweeted Kanye, offering their disapproval.

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49 thoughts on “Chance, Lupe Fiasco, and Others Respond to Kanye’s Pro-Trump Comments

  1. Complex just needs to realize that they are losing a lot of their following when they release biased, passive aggressive statements like this one and some of the other articles and videos they have written about people on the conservative right. It would make sense if they report something that trump says that somehow relates to pop culture, but it doesn’t. Complex is one of my favorite websites, channels, pages, etc but there is no need for them to shoot themselves in the foot by demonizing a good amount of their following. Stick to hot ones and sneaker shopping. The goal of a pop culture brand is to unite people under culture and not be divisive. I realized that this took a while and I could be doing “better things” but I love complex and I hope this means something to the people running complex, if they even see it.

  2. like when some Jews supported Hitler in Nazi Germany believing he was for the betterment of humanity. they will always be the sycophants in our society and will serve their masters. or should I say, Massa, hahaha? this is ignorance behond human comrehention. this is the result of the american education system that thrives on people of this. if you try to change the world without understanding it, you're decieving yourself and millions of other people who follow you. Kanye library please.

  3. So Kanye likes Trump, who cares? Leave him be. I'm more comfortable with Trump in the office than Hillary anyway. A lot of controversies and scandals behind that woman to trust as a President.😣😣

  4. Reading these comments make me ill. Kids, Trump is not this evil person you are told he is by all your friends and your social media. You guys parrot each other with out any thought into what is being said.

    I was a hard Democrat when I was in school. I grew up, thought for myself and started to do my research myself. I slowly started to realize what’s good for us and what’s not.

    I dare everyone to go find their own sources and not go with the flock!

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