Charlamagne Apologizes To Kwame Brown

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Author: admin

43 thoughts on “Charlamagne Apologizes To Kwame Brown

  1. This ain't da only time Charmaine the god, said or did da wrong things out his mouth own or about people dat's what you do with out shame or less than comment s , and you crying out cause only it's your home town people got in your you know what… Get out hear 🙉

  2. Why not apologize without making excuses and fighting people who are angry with what u did like radio presenters? You are a proud person. You are obsessed with power. I don't think u are really sorry. U are scared of crashing.

  3. When two black people argue that is the dumbest shit we can do, nobody wins we are not the enemy.#message by the way spike lee put this message out in school daze and nobody paid attention to it at all smh we must do better.

  4. As A man CTG should've threw that whole written apology away and did it freestyle. Yo Sun reading from A script. CTG if you really feel the way feel you should've had A off camera apology.

  5. The fact that you went there on K and his family, is real WENDY WILLIAMS of you 🥴.

    Let everything else you say from now on only be to uplift the people and culture.

    Do it for the Glory of the Kingdom of all of us People Of Color.

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