Chicago Police Allegedly Leave Sneaker Bait Truck

Chicago residents are accusing police of parking a bait truck filled with sneakers in underprivileged areas, and arresting people who attempt to enter the vehicle.

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27 thoughts on “Chicago Police Allegedly Leave Sneaker Bait Truck

  1. Slow down and think: Police probably had suspects they couldn't convict that they knew we're the problem, this was they could ferret those people out. Anyone with no prior convictions may get a slap on the wrist, or dropped charges, it's up to a judge. And people with big rap sheets deserve to have got caught because they specifically know they are not supposed to be stealing things. Bottom line is arrests and convictions are two different things and let's see what actually happens. It's complex news

  2. "under privileged" You live in a FREE WESTERN society, be a champion of adversity not a victim of circumstances. Spend a year in China, Africa or the mid east and then try and say any American is under privileged.

  3. For everyone saying it's just a truck dnt touch what about the poor children in the neighborhood without guidance?? They should go to jail right? We dnt need you to arrest our children we need more lawyers and political individuals to stand up for the community. Because last time the government dropped something in the black community it was the great crack epidemic

  4. If they parked it in Beverly Hills it would probably get called to be towed. It was parked in that neighborhood because it was a high theft area. Someone took the bait, brought bolt cutters and cut the lock to look in the back. They do sting operation on a lot of people, regardless of race. There are people from low income neighborhoods prosper but it begins with education and opportunity.

  5. It's true. They've been flooding these neighborhoods with guns for years. And for anyone who says "just don't steal"… about just don't tempt people. Let these people live their lives without being pushed to the limits.

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