Chicago Residents Protest and Confront Police After Fatal Shooting

After a police officer fatally shot a man in Chicago’s South Side on Saturday night, local residents gathered to protest and confront officers for hours, according to the New York Times.

CNN reports that at least four people were arrested.

Chicago’s Police Chief of Patrol Fred Waller said police began following a man in the South Shore neighborhood on Saturday “who they thought might be armed.” “When they approached him, he tried to push their hands away,” Waller told reporters. “He started flailing and swinging away, trying to make an escape. And as he made an escape, he reached for the gun.”

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42 thoughts on “Chicago Residents Protest and Confront Police After Fatal Shooting

  1. The media needs to find all of those people whipping up the mob with claims that he "had no gun, on my momma" and confront them with the clear evidence. I am interested to hear how they dodge and twist.

  2. "Stop killing Black and Brown People!"

    Says the citizens of a city that had about 70 people shot over the past weekend. In addition to the fact that "Black and Brown" people are more likely to be shot and killed by one their own, the body cam footage released shows the man reaching for the gun on his hip. How ironic that a city with out of control gun violence has police willing to take a stand against, but when they enforce the law and have to shoot, then it's hand across America for the dead dope.

  3. Now that 66 black people have been shot in one weekend(think about that) now they all want the cops to do their jobs. Zero, that's right, zero arrest have been made. You got what you want, the cops to leave you be, but now you want their help? You forced them to do nothing for fear of being called a racist. How's that working out?

  4. AND THEY WILL NEVER HAVE THE BALLS TO ADMIT THAT IT IS A LIE!!!!! "Dey brutha" was shown, on video, to be reaching for a gun, but the blacks will refuse to allow the truth to deflect them form their violent racist outbursts!! How many lies must be told and disproved, before everyone realizes that they are to be IGNORED?

  5. I'm surprised the news didn't show his grade 3 pictures. Nice to see the black community turn out to support armed criminals attempting to shoot police officers. The police should just withdraw their services from black areas and let Rev Al take care of them.

  6. Camera don't lie and if the gun was legal he wouldn't run. I know he's a black man and felt the privileged white man has no right to ask me for a license to have a gun. Yeah right. Grow up and maybe some day you can be like Oprah and Obama. LOL

  7. Why don't all you racist BLM people just admit that you hate white cops? We all know what this is really about. You want the cops to go away so that you're free to continue breaking the law.

  8. Honestly throw the whole city away. They kill each other everyday over gang shit and violence now they screaming black lives matter again. WAKE UP CHICAGO YALL KILLING YOURSELF!

    252 people in Chicago been killed this year , that’s 105 fewer than last year according to the statistics and guess what else ?? 93% of the homicides done in Chicago are committed by BLACK MALES BETWEEN THE AGES OF 18 -25 , it’s not just the police. Y’all the murder Capitol chiraq y’all love that shit. Chicago is the purge. This is coming from a black woman y’all need to wake up it’s not the cops fix yourselfs stop race baiting and blaming the white people #MAGA

  9. "Stop killing black & brown people"

    Statistically this message should be directed at black and brown people, as they are the ones killing each other hundreds (if not thousands) of times over more than cops are. Also, what do we expect a cop to do in a situation where a suspect is fighting and reaching for a weapon? Ask him nicely to please comply? I get that there are unwarranted shootings that happen, but most black people have the highest probability of being assaulted or killed by other black people.

  10. These dumfucks were just protesting last week because the Police were not doing anything about all of the homicides. Now the cops take out one of the bad guys that they were protesting about and in return they riot. Fuck them all. Never again will I take a BLM protest seriously.

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