Child Protection Groups Say YouTube Illegally Collects Data on Children

Another day, another data breach. This time it’s YouTube in the hot seat for allegedly collecting data on kids. Per a 59-page complaint filed with the US Federal Trade Commission, 23 child advocacy, consumer and privacy groups have accused Google (who owns YouTube) of violating child protection laws by collecting personal data of and advertising children under the age of 13.

According to the coalition, which includes groups such as the Center for Digital Democracy and Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC), YouTube turns a blind eye to the fact that it has users under the age of 13, even though the platform is only meant for those 13 and above. As a result, Google is collecting data on these underage users, including their location and phone numbers. This behavior stands in direct violation of the US Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (Coppa), which requires parental consent before collecting such data.

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49 thoughts on “Child Protection Groups Say YouTube Illegally Collects Data on Children

  1. Wow that’s sad by YouTube. Pushing out ads to young moldable minds of young children who’ll buy anything? Fucking disgusting. Glad I’m not stupid enough to buy stuff. YouTube’s free so I will use it until it is no longer free. Back then my friends would tell me that ad blocker was the best thing ever and I didn’t believe him until I used it on my computer. Best thing ever. YouTube ads are trash af anyways. Seems like every video I watch I get s fucking movie trailer for Amy Schumer’s shitty movie

  2. If these same child advocacy groups go after the parents instead for not watching their own kids- these billions they they are seeking now becomes a number I can't even describe…it would a new number not even thunk up yet like a kerjillion or something much greater.And that's just for starters when these same kids turn 18 they could go after them to because of statute of limitations is like 8 years or something

  3. So lemme get this straight. YouTube won’t pay people who make videos inappropriate for those under 13, yet the site is not intentes for those under 13. So why tf did so many great creators lose their monetization?

  4. This is good, and bad. You never know whos really behind the usernames. Alot of sick people in the world. But its invasion of privacy, and thats not ok. Its a 50/50…

  5. YouTube is already bad enough with channels getting demonitized because they aren't "age appropriate" and won't be prosperous for advertisers. And now I bet instead of stopping this privacy issue, they'll just go heavier on the demonitization.

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